Sakura-deai Visitor Center

Confluence of the three rivers forming the Yodogawa River
Sakura-deai Visitor Center
Sewaritei, Yodogawa Riverside Park

Sakura-deai Visitor Center opened in spring 2017 as a dynamic facility dedicated to bringing together people, products, and information to foster exchange, regional revitalization, tourism, and recreation in the area where the Ujigawa River, Kizugawa River, and Katsuragawa River come together to form the Yodogawa River.

Encouraging sightseeing
in the three-river area

The three-river area is home to numerous sightseeing destinations. There’s Mt. Otokoyama, home to Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine, a National Treasure, to the south and Mt. Tennozan, the site of a decisive battle, to the northwest, as well as a national park that includes a famous cherry blossom-viewing spot and Sewaritei, a green belt that stretches 1.4 kilometers. With an Information Corner that provides a wealth of information about how to enjoy local attractions, events, and popular shops, the Center facilitates sightseeing and recreation in the area.

Communicating the area’s dynamic appeal

The Center’s event plaza can be used to host events designed to revitalize the surrounding region or as a space to actively promote the local area’s appeal. A year-round market offers opportunities to communicate information about products and businesses to visitors.

Facility Information

Observation Tower

Enjoy panoramic vistas and seasonal breezes from a height of about 25 meters. A 1.4-kilometer row of cherry trees anchors the picturesque landscape in spring. Displays indicate the four cardinal directions, point out nearby attractions, and introduce key events in the area’s history.

Information Corner

Explore displays ranging from pamphlets provided by the area’s communities to exhibits of artwork. Enjoy the latest information about the Yodogawa three-river area and art created there.

Getting Here

Yawata-Zaioji, Yawata City, Kyoto Prefecture 614-8307

[Inquiries] Sakura-deai Visitor Center
Phone: 075-633-5120   |   Fax: 075-950-2953

Business Hours:9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Observatory Tower Hours:9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Closed:December 29 to January 3